Sexy Costume Themes and Fancy Dress Role Play Costume Ideas

The Themes and Varieties of Sexy Costumes

Sexy Costumes are growing in popularity for a number for a number of reasons and one of those reasons is that there are now so many different themes of sexy costumes available. Not only that, but the variations within the costume themes themselves provide increased variety. For example, if you want to dress as a sexy devil, there are not just one or two sexy devil costumes available online or in bricks and mortar stores, but if you look around, there are hundreds!

Some years ago, costumes, sexy or otherwise, were quite sparse with one or two of a theme to choose from. That is no longer the case and, as the industry develops, more and more costumes will be available.

Costumes used to be very cheap looking, something that could be thrown together in an hour or so at home by a poor machinist. Those are still available if you want them, but most people now appreciate the attention to detail, and overall quality that you can buy online these last few years.

So let’s consider a few themes of sexy costumes in a little detail.

Pirate Costumes.

The popularity of pirate style costumes has grown probably more than any other theme. I would suggest that that is at least in part due to the successful film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” staring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Interestingly he claimed to have based his depiction of a pirate on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and even managed to persuade the guitarist to take a small role in one of the later films. It has been suggested that Mr Richards didn’t need much help with his pirate outfit or his make up!

Pirates were usually men in history, but that’s not important when it comes to dressing up. That are plenty of costumes for would-be lady pirates and what a great theme it is to express yourself within. Ladies can add all sorts of accessories here and turn a basic pirate costume idea into something completely original. It may even be possible to create a design without buying anything but by piecing together articles from different outfits the lady already owns.

Sexy Nurse Costumes.

Usually a popular costume idea with the guys. Possibly something maternal, or caring for the man’s needs is involved in the psychology but we needn’t delve too much into mycology here. It’s enough to say that the nurse idea is sexy, fun and popular. Degrees of sexyness may vary, as with all costumes, but the costume theme is sexy by nature.

A more exposing costume may be more appropriate for home role play fun or gently teasing and nursing a “man flu victim” to better health. A slightly less revealing nurse costume may suit a girly party night or charity fund raising event.

Sexy Cop Costumes and Outfits.

This is another theme the guys like. There may be some dominance/submissive psychology going on with this one but either way if a guy is going to be arrested, he would prefer a sexy lady cop to give him a good frisking and slap the handcuffs on than another man taking away his freedom any day of the week. “Are you going to come quietly sir?”

French Maid Costumes.

Variable in the amount of cleavage the lady cares to show and the length of the skirt too, but the skirt should always be short enough to show some hosiery. A romantic and enticing costume as is the French reputation, but also naughty as it may suggest something which should technically be out of reach. The maid is there to tidy the rooms not romance the inhabitants. At home less housework may be accomplished than was never intended anyway.

Halloween Costumes.

Not necessarily sexy at all but included here because they can be, and that is more apparent these last few years. By nature, Halloween is a scary time of the year when the witches and the “undead” may make an appearance but modern society has increased the fun element of the event by making it more sexy than scary, in respect of costumes anyway. We have all kinds of sexy devils, vampires and witches available to buy these days if we search around the Internet. More so, perhaps, than scary equivalent costumes.

Sexy Sporty Costumes.

Ladies are known for complaining that their man takes too much interest in sport and not enough in her. Here she can get double the attention as some sporty costumes are quite sexy but are designed very accurately to the particular sport. Be it a football, soccer, baseball or general cheerleader costume that is chosen. But it is also a fun costume idea for a girls’ night out and worthy of note here are the sexy cheerleader costumes which are always popular for birthday celebrations or pre-wedding hen nights.

If you can think of an idea for a sexy costume, there is probably something already available that is similar. So use your imagination, enter the words, including costume, into a search engine and see what comes back! Also bare in mind you usually get what you pay for with sexy costumes.

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